Robbie’s professional photography began in his early twenties after time spent travelling through Canada and South America. Robbie returned home with a strong desire to capture this worlds’ beauty.

Robbie is a self-taught photographer with unique abilities behind the lens. Born and bred in the Snowy Mountains of NSW, Robbie has a rare talent for capturing the complicated and grandiose nature of landscapes. His often mystical style elevates the imagery with powerful and emotive artistic qualities.


Robbie continues to source his inspiration from awe-inspiring scenery, human connection and vibrant cultures. This young photographers nomadic and daring attributes often push him to the edge in search of exciting perspectives.


In his professional career Robbie works for a number of fashion labels, collaborating with models and small businesses. Recently he has taken up wedding photography which continues to characterise his sensitive and genuine creative eye. His images showcase a natural talent for capturing the essence of beauty and mood. Robbie is always searching for new and exciting opportunities, perspectives and people.